CN Railway New Car Repair Shop

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Canadian National Railway (CN) reconstructed its Johnston Yard facility located at 2921 Old Horn Lake Road in Memphis, Tennessee.  This project included the construction of a new classification yard, departure tracks, receiving tracks, yardmaster tower, car shop, offices and locomotive shop.  Burr & Cole was the Prime Designer on this project.

This project consists of a pre-engineered metal building, 45,000 total square feet, of which 36,000 s.f. of railcar repair shop facility and 9,000 s.f. of office and support.  The repair shop is high bay with approximately 30 feet clear.  The low bay office and support is approximately 12 foot eave height.  It had a total construction cost of $4 million.  This was a fast track, design build job.

The new Car Shop is located north-east of the existing Car Shop and is used to perform maintenance, repair and welding of rail cars.

The new Car Shop is comprised of three areas:

1. Car Repair Area

2. Car Shop Area – Designed to accommodate equipment consisting of (2) Jib cranes (2-x-1 tons & 2-x-2 tons), (2) Hydronor Jacking Systems, (1) Overhead crane system (2 tons).  The facility is designed to handle and provide access and adequate clearance for forklifts.  The repair area includes access ramps and adequate lighting.  Also includes two cold domestic water stations complete with emergency eye wash stations.

3. Car Shop Offices and Locker Room – This area has a clear height of 8 feet and includes an office area, locker room, and lunchroom.